Media Buying

Able to funnel our clients’ budgets toward the most effective media channels and maximize the return on their investment.Cultural Understanding: The digital media landscape is uniquely complex in the Chinese market. We’ll showcase your message using the right language, tone, and calls to action. Platform Navigation: In different regions, there are various local media channels you don’t want to miss out on. We do the research to fine-tune and design the best Chinese media buying campaigns for your business. Audience Targeting: We fine-tune ads for granular demographic targeting to ensure they reach the right people at the right time.


Produces broadcast commercials, music videos, video art installations, and short films. To create commercials, films, music videos and moving images for audiences, clients and ourselves. We are passionate about visual media and believe it is one of the best ways to reach out and influence the majority of people. The most effective way to maximize the impact of visual media is through emotional connection and effective storytelling. This requires an attention to detail that is evident in all our work. We do this by overseeing the strategy behind building our marketing, sales, production and business operations.

Social Media

The ability to reach consumers at every stage of their journeys has helped social media become the most powerful factor in their purchasing decisions. Social has accelerated the speed of culture, and your brand’s ability to keep pace in this environment is central to its long-term success. Chinese social media is an explosive space, with constantly-changing local players. The Chinese-speaking demographic in China as well as all over the world are on social media platforms that are native to China ,We do full-scale community management promoted post amplification in Chinese social media platforms like WhatChat,Weibo,Facebook and more.

Marketing Strategy

“What should we do… and why, to grow your business to Chinese Market?”Our strategy team for Chinese Marketing answers this question through consumer insights, ecosystem planning and reframing problems to enable businesses to think, Chinese speakers make up the world’s largest Internet user base – meaning your target market will expect to receive information online. Whether your audience is based in North America or internationally, there are customizations required for each region. We’ll help you uncover the right target market and the perfect way to capture their attention.


Making Famous Brands into favorites for Chinese customers

Services that deliver marketing success in the Chinese market and overseas

Helping your brands reach a Chinese audience | Helping Chinese Merchants reach a local media

Craft a plan and perform market analysis and research to uncover the benefits of Chinese-focused campaigns. Chinese social media “WeChat” now has over 800 Million monthly active users. In order to stand out, brands need to develop a sound digital strategy for the local market taking into consideration the constantly evolving consumer behavior and digital marketing trends. We helps international clients gain an understanding of the Chinese market and subsequently plan and execute multi-channel digital strategies to achieve their goals. Our experience and industry knowledge ensure that brands capture and engage consumers across all stages of the digital journey. TDL Media is uniquely positioned to offer in-person service to our clients in the Canada while being able to successfully develop and execute WeChat or other Chinese digital product brand marketing campaigns in China. We work closely with Tencent to deliver solutions that fully leverage the capabilities of WeChat in building a strong presence in the Chinese market. At the same time, TDL Media has wealth of media resources to helping Chinese background business merchants to reach Canadian local market. Good relationship with Canadian Media.We offer brands the most valuable audiences and the best environments in Canadian Out-of-Home advertising.

Cross-Border Payment

Account processing to enable ambility to accept CYN to CAD payments via WeChat/AliPay Payment integration on WeChat, website, web apps and at point of sale based on business goals *Partnership with OTTPAY

WECHAT Marketing Strategy

Market analysis to determine China marketing strategy based on business goalsRoll out plan for WeChat marketing in China and overseas

Content Marketing

Content Marketing Full scale community management;post amplification in Chinese social media platforms;content aggregation and targeted content marketing

Branding and Creative

Tailor your advertising creative to a Chinese audience and develop new advertising campaigns

Branding Products

We create great marketing